Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is constantly evolving and it’s vital that businesses react to changes swiftly in order to maintain an effective online strategy. Lakestar McCann practices a universal approach to SEO, using all available channels, encompassing the core areas of organic search, news, product feeds and local business listings.

A correctly implemented SEO strategy can offer the highest return on investment of any marketing channel and at Lakestar McCann we utilise every tool and opportunity to help convert an increased traffic flow into sales.

How Lakestar McCann can create an effective SEO strategy for your company

Giving customers what they want:

  • Keyword research is a crucial building block of SEO. We will optimise your website’s static content using a focused set of keywords, aligning your content with what real customers are searching for.

Looking beyond organic listings:

  • Lakestar McCann will make sure your SEO campaign includes active content optimisation, taking in blogs, news feeds and other frequently updated content.

An integrated approach:

  • We take all elements of a digital marketing campaign into account.
  • Aligning your SEO strategy with PPC and other channels maximises effectiveness and provides a greater understanding of how a campaign is progressing and how to take it forward.

Transparency and knowledge sharing:

  • We believe an open and honest relationship is the key to a successful partnership and we pride ourselves on our commitment to sharing knowledge and information.
  • The more informed our clients and their web teams are, the greater our ability to focus resources.
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