Social Media

Social media is about conversations – creating them and engaging in them, across a range of platforms from Facebook to company blogs. This part of the digital marketing mix has never been more important and all companies need to understand how to use it to their advantage. Lakestar McCann will help you do just this.

How social media can get people talking about your brand

A considered approach focused on your company:

  • Lakestar McCann’s team will create a proposal targeted to your individual business needs, outlining how your company can best create brand awareness through social media channels.
  • Our tools enable us to search over 100 million sites and sources to find mentions of your business. We’ve also got the expertise to show you how to then engage with potential customers whether through blogs or website comments, photos, videos, forums, public Facebook groups or Twitter.
  • We can provide the technical advice to help your company embrace social media, right down to the basics of how to set up your first Twitter profile.

The world of social media reacts quickly – so do we:

  • Brand monitoring is one of the most important parts of social media. Knowing what people are saying about your company puts you in a position to react.
  • Competitor analysis. Regular updates on what your closest competitors are doing in the social media world.
  • Identifying influencers. We’ll find out who’s taking a particular interest in your brand and what they’re saying.

A fully integrated campaign:

  • Lakestar McCann will not only handle your social media strategy, but make sure it ties in with the company’s wider marketing agenda. Our account managers will liaise with your PR department to maximise campaign impact, while making sure social media efforts compliment your additional online marketing work.
Need some friendly advice about Social Media?

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