One of the things that I love about the digital world is how big things can hinge on little details. The power of search to direct the world’s attention can magnify the seemingly insignificant to major importance, and nowhere is this clearer than the extent that entire companies fortunes can now rise and fall based […]… Read Article
A new set of rules due to be formally approved by the European Commission later today could harm the future of e-commerce, according to online retailers. The changes relate to competition rules that govern “vertical agreements” between manufacturers and distributors, said a report by the Financial Times. A review of the rules needs to be […]… Read Article
Online retailer Amazon has severed its ties with affiliate businesses in Colorado following the introduction of a new state tax. Affiliates help online retailers by passing on customers through adverts and links on their own website. In return they are paid a percentage of any resulting sales. Amazon announced yesterday it would no longer offer […]… Read Article
Online retailer Amazon has said digital versions of books have outsold physical copies for the first time ever. On December 25, the internet company saw a spike in the sales of e-books as consumers who’d received an electronic reader as a Christmas present, searched for content to upload to their new device. Kindles, Amazon’s own electronic readers, have become the most gifted […]… Read Article, the world’s largest online retailer, has moved quickly to quash a report claiming that it was looking into opening high street stores. It responded to a report in the Sunday Times newspaper in the UK that it was planning high street sites by stating that it had no plans to open stores anywhere in […]… Read Article
Microsoft has no plans to develop a digital book reader to compete with the fast-growing popularity of Amazon's Kindle or a device that rival Apple is reportedly developing. Chief executive Steve Ballmer said Microsoft had no need for its own e-reader, since it already supplies the software that runs the most popular device for electronic […]… Read Article