Google co-founder Sergey Brin said he hopes his company can increase its activities in China in the future, if the political system evolves. His comments follow Google’s decision to stop censoring the majority of search results through  Queries are now re-directed through its offshore Hong Kong servers which although still in China, are not […]… Read Article
Businesses in China which advertise through have demanded to be told of the American company’s intentions with regard to its future in the country. A report by news agency Reuters said Chinese companies have announced they will seek compensation if the search giant decides to terminate its presence. Google is believed to be in […]… Read Article
Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google has said “something will happen soon” in relation to the company’s talks with the Chinese government. According to a report by the Associated Press, Schmidt told a press conference in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday that talks are underway, but refused to release more details. He said: “I can’t really say […]… Read Article
The Chinese government's censorship programme should be brought to the attention of the World Trade Organisation, according to Google. The search firm is looking for the United States to add the issue to its trade agenda. Google representative Nicole Wong told the Senate Judiciary Committee that censorship could favour local companies, putting firms such as […]… Read Article
Apple has said it believes there is “significant potential” for growth in China and is planning to open a raft of new stores across the country over the next 24 months. According to Apple chief executive, Steve Jobs, the firm plans to build 25 retail stores in China within the next two years. Apple’s statement […]… Read Article
Microsoft is to fix the security hole in its Internet Explorer browser that may have allowed Chinese hackers access to human rights activists' e-mail accounts. In an unprecedented move, Microsoft, which normally issues such fixes on a regular monthly basis, said that the attention the problem had received forced it to move more quickly. This […]… Read Article
Google has pulled back from launching two new handsets in China, while it continues to consider its future in the country. The search engine giant was due to launch handsets manufactured specifically for the Chinese market on Wednesday, but this has now been postponed, reports The Times. A Google source told the paper it would be […]… Read Article
Technology firm Yahoo! has been criticised by one of its Chinese business partners after publically coming out in support of Google's decision to consider quitting the country. The US firm revealed it will no longer censor search results through and is considering pulling out of the country and ceasing its business operations following a […]… Read Article
The attacks on Google email accounts belonging to human rights activists can be traced back to the Chinese government “or its proxies”, according to a US internet security firm. Verisign’s iDefense Labs claims the web addresses involved in the cyber-attack “correspond to a single foreign entity consisting either of agents of the Chinese state or proxies thereof”, reports The […]… Read Article