Neat graph, huh? Browsers usage data gathered from So why have I made this? Well, I feel like a mini-rant. Let me explain… Last weekend I went home to visit my folks for a wedding and as we loaded up the address of where to find the venue, I was horrified to see that […]… Read Article
Google’s Chrome internet browser has managed to increase its share of the global market to over seven per cent, according to data from Net Applications. The research company said Chrome increased its share from 6.73 per cent in April 2010 to 7.05 per cent at the end of last month, to retain third place with […]… Read Article
A newly-released beta version of Google’s Chrome internet browser includes “crazy speed improvements”, according to the firm. Version 5.0.375.29 which is available for Windows, Linux and Mac computers is described by Chrome’s developers as offering a “hefty boost in speed”. According to tests there’s been a 30 per cent and 35 per cent improvement in […]… Read Article
Google has added new privacy and translation features to the stable version of its Chrome browser. The new beta version of Chrome was released on March 2 with its new automatic translation feature which instantly changes web pages that are in a different language to your primary setting, without the need for browser extensions or […]… Read Article
A new beta version of Chrome, the internet browser from Google, has been released sporting new features including automatic translation. A report by The Guardian says the new version of Chrome includes more privacy controls and offers more control over images, JavaScript, plug-ins and pop-ups. One of the most useful new features is a translation […]… Read Article
Chrome, the internet browser from Google, has increased its share of the market according to new research published today. Data released by California-based Net Applications, shows that by the end of January, Chrome’s share of the browser market rose to 5.2 per cent, up from 4.6 per cent at the end of December. Chrome was […]… Read Article