Search for the title above on Google with quotation marks surrounding it and, all being well, you’re going to come across this blog post complete with a picture of me in a tree next to it and a link to my Google + profile. So what does this mean? Continuing in the same vein as […]… Read Article
With the rise of online shopping and the decline of high street stores, it has never been so important to have a solid SEO marketing strategy in place. The internet has made it cost effective for businesses to target new international markets, and search engine marketers have recognised the benefits of targeting specific countries with […]… Read Article
Judges have ruled a Canadian firm behind an online search website called Groovle can keep their domain name, following a dispute with search giant Google. Google claimed Groovle’s name was nearly identical to its own and asked for the domain to be transferred. But according to a report by the BBC, three judges at the […]… Read Article
An angry holidaymaker's account of his "horrible" holiday with his girlfriend in Turkey has become a big hit after featuring high on the Google search results pages. It has also succeeded in getting him compensation from the holiday firm through which he arranged the trip, Thomson. Leicester man Andy Sharman posted an article on his […]… Read Article
Dean Rieck has written a blog post at Copyblogger, enlisting 11 traits of highly creative people. Among them are: will CHALLENGE ASSUMPTIONS and ask hard questions to discover what is real; are MOTIVATED BY A TASK rather than by external rewards; can MAKE CONNECTIONS between old ideas to produce new insights; will PUSH THE ENVELOPE […]… Read Article