US search firm Google is phasing out the use of Microsoft’s Windows operating system, due to security concerns. According to a report by The Telegraph, the company is now asking new employees to choose between Apple’s OS X system or an open-source Lynux platform. Speaking to the Financial Times, a Google employee said: “We’re not […]… Read Article
Scammers are attempting to trap unsuspecting internet users searching for news on Apple's iPad tablet computer. A report by eWeek said attackers are using “search engine optimisation poisoning” to get their own websites to the top of results pages for terms such as “Apple tablet” and “Apple iPad rumour”. When people click on certain iPad […]… Read Article
Fresh concerns have been raised over the security of Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) browser. The warning comes from French government agency Certa, which said that pending a patch to update Internet Explorer, it recommends using a different browser. This is the latest blow to Microsoft, following on from the German government’s similar recommendation that internet […]… Read Article
The attacks on Google email accounts belonging to human rights activists can be traced back to the Chinese government “or its proxies”, according to a US internet security firm. Verisign’s iDefense Labs claims the web addresses involved in the cyber-attack “correspond to a single foreign entity consisting either of agents of the Chinese state or proxies thereof”, reports The […]… Read Article
Google has said it could cease its business operations in China, after Google email accounts belonging to Chinese human rights activists were hacked. The American company said it started an investigation in December after discovering “a highly sophisticated and targeted attack”, originating in China, resulting in the theft of intellectual property. Google said enquiries revealed […]… Read Article
The White House is today expected to announce the appointment of Howard A. Schmidt as its new head of cyber-security. Schmidt, who worked as an advisor during the first Bush administration and also has a military and law enforcement background, will be in charge of improving civilian and military cyber-security, a report by The New […]… Read Article