Digital Shoreditch 2015: Celebrating Outstanding Creativity

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A Blues soundtrack plays in a purple-lit room, while a cat wearing a moustache takes up residence in the screen in front of me – which can only mean one thing: it’s Digital Shoreditch. Men and women circulate Shoreditch Town Hall with their heads down, engrossed in their phones as they seek out the next… Read more »

Sacked because of a Snapchat? The truth about online privacy

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  You’ve probably seen the headlines about Rory Cullinan recently. The RBS chairman – one of the highest earning bankers in the UK – is leaving his position just weeks after Snapchats his daughter posted on Instagram were published in The Sun newspaper. With the premise of the image sharing app being that the sender’s… Read more »

If We’re Such Social Creatures, Do We Need Tighter Privacy Rules?

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The man who heads one of the highest courts in the UK has called for privacy laws to be updated to take account of the onward march of technology. Lord Neuberger, the President of the nation’s Supreme Court, is pushing for an update to the laws. His call comes as the Law Society Gazette, one… Read more »

Useful SEO Tools

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Like many other industries, we SEOs use some powerful (and some basic tools) to help us do our jobs. At Lakestar we use countless different tools and are constantly trying out new ones. Here’s a few of our favourites for link building:   First up is MajesticSEO. Supposedly the “Largest link intelligence database on the… Read more »