The chief executive of Cambridge-based technology firm Arm Ltd has refused to confirm whether his company is behind the microprocessor which powers Apple's iPad tablet computer. In an interview with the Guardian newspaper, Warren East said he couldn’t “possibly confirm anything”. However, he hinted that the fact the iPad is capable of running iPhone and […]… Read Article
A video posted on the internet appears to show Google’s design for a tablet computer to rival Apple’s new iPad. According to a report by The Telegraph, a Google engineer posted the video on the Chromium website, which is dedicated to the open source project behind Google’s Chrome browser and operating system. The video, posted […]… Read Article
Scammers are attempting to trap unsuspecting internet users searching for news on Apple's iPad tablet computer. A report by eWeek said attackers are using “search engine optimisation poisoning” to get their own websites to the top of results pages for terms such as “Apple tablet” and “Apple iPad rumour”. When people click on certain iPad […]… Read Article
Japanese technology firm Fujitsu has laid claim to the name iPad, hours after Apple announced it as the name for its latest product. On Wednesday morning Apple unveiled its iPad tablet computer, but Fujitsu has come forward to say it applied to trademark the name in 2003, in relation to a handled computer. A report […]… Read Article
Apple has released details of its latest creation, the iPad tablet. The announcement was made by the firm’s chief executive, Steve Jobs, at a conference in San Francisco on Wednesday morning. The touch screen device has a 9.7 inch multi-touch screen display and will fit into the market between laptops and smartphones, according to a […]… Read Article