When you think of Google, what comes to mind? Is it their brilliant Google Doodles that celebrate key events in history, or their revolutionary Google Glass technology? Gracing the online (and offline) world with such a wide range of innovations, there’s a reason why Google is the world’s most popular search engine – so we decided to send two of our employees to Google’s London headquarters to find out more… Read Article
Google is improving the prospects of advertisers attracting more click-throughs to their websites, by increasing the number of links they can include in their online ads. Users of Google's AdWords system have, for the last three years, been able to include direct links to their deep site pages within their pay-per-click adverts. In that time, […]… Read Article
Companies which trade directly with other businesses are reacting to the growing trend for decision-makers to look online for products and services by increasing their online advertising spend. As a result, pay-per-click advertising rates in the business-to-business sector have soared, and were 29 per cent higher at the end of 2011 than 12 months earlier, […]… Read Article