Social Media Outside of Facebook – It Actually Exists!

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For many of us, our social media extends as far as Facebook and Twitter, and for the more adventurous among us, there is Pinterest and LinkedIn. These sites are usually where our online lives exist, perpetually updating statuses, pinning pictures and mindlessly tweeting random inanity. Now, this got me thinking, there must be more social… Read more »

The Social Strategies of Re-Elected President of the United States, Barack Obama

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Firstly, huge congratulations go to Barack Obama for a second win in the US Election, made this blog writer feel a sense of happiness about our American brethren… However, how did Obama get there? With a super-storm disrupting the campaign trail and a large amount of public appearances from both parties, what was the tipping… Read more »

MySpace are re-launching themselves but is it all too little too late?

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I remember back in the day being an avid MySpace user – I would spend hours upon hours customising the background, editing in gifs and making my profile look absolutely amazing. My actual interaction with friends was pretty minimal – I just liked having that online property where I could show myself off.

The Peculiar Popularity of Pinterest – A Male Perspective

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Well, after Aurora sang her praises of Pinterest, I feel I should give it a chance to impress me and dig down into the essence of the site. Now, I fully appreciate the appeal and draw of Pinterest and that it really can be a time-vampire, but there are some blatant shortcomings that instantly jump… Read more »

The Peculiar Popularity of Pinterest – A Female Perspective

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You might be thinking I’m late to this whole Pinterest thing, and well, you’re right I am, but that’s beside the point – Pinterest is still making waves as a hugely popular social media phenomenon. In the United States, it even outranks its major competitor, Tumblr, ranking at 17th and 18th most popular site respectively…. Read more »

Is Pinterest the next big thing?

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If you have not heard of Pinterest by now, then you have probably been hiding under some rock somewhere! But, just in case you haven’t, Pinterest is a photo sharing social media site and if reports are anything to go by, looks set to become the biggest social site since Facebook. Despite the fact that Pinterest has been around… Read more »