SAScon Day 1: The key lessons we learned

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This year’s SAScon was as popular as ever with marketers, with over 300 delegates attending. With so many digital marketing experts in the same building, it was inevitable that we would come away with some valuable insights to take back to the office. Here is a snapshot of some of the sessions that ran on… Read more »

Google’s New Mobile Algorithm – One Week On

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As more and more people rely on their phones for online pursuits, it was inevitable that Google would soon release an updated algorithm that would be mobile focused. Cue ‘Mobilegeddon’. Or maybe not – because the new mobile algorithm hasn’t yet been as revolutionary as everyone first predicted. That could be due to a number… Read more »

How The Super Bowl Ads Became Bigger Than Super Bowl Itself

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The long-standing tradition of the Super Bowl has seen friends and family come together over this monumental event – celebrating two major teams battling it out for the esteemed winning title. But in recent years, another war has been waging – in the world of social media. With millions all over the world watching one… Read more »

Plan And Prepare: Is Your Local Business Optimised For The Holiday Season?

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The peak shopping period of Black Friday and Cyber Monday will soon be upon us, which in turn, means the perfect opportunity for businesses to improve their rankings and sales. It’s a renowned tradition that Black Friday (28th November – the day after Thanksgiving) is the best day to grab a bargain, with several keen… Read more »

Is There A Ranking Benefit To Using HTTPS?

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Earlier this year, Google announced that it would use HTTPS as a ranking signal – which prompted the experts over at Searchmetrics to conduct their own experiment. After carrying out their own data analysis, Searchmetrics delivered their conclusion: reporting that HTTPS does not affect rankings, with no noticeable difference between HTTP and HTTPS. According to… Read more »

Tips For Engaging The Older Generation

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As technology improves, there appears to be a growing number of people using the internet to enhance their everyday lives. Our ability to move with the times and continually adapt to these changes seems to be taken as a given, but with that comes the danger of alienating a massive 80 per cent of the… Read more »

UK Leads The Way In Blogging

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It’s likely you’ll know someone who has a blog. Maybe you write one yourself? Don’t forget, you’re reading one now! A blog is a useful medium for sharing your views, updates, general rants and moans (but I won’t go into that) with the rest of the online community. In recent years, just about everyone with… Read more »

Negative SEO: Easier Than You Might Think?

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Ever since Penguin rolled out, there has been a lot of concern from the SEO community about the potential for “negative SEO”. SEOs like myself have been kept awake at night with imaginary post-apocalyptic scenarios featuring rogue bands of spammers causing wanton destruction on the link profiles of their competitors. We’ve seen a few cases… Read more »