The man who heads one of the highest courts in the UK has called for privacy laws to be updated to take account of the onward march of technology. Lord Neuberger, the President of the nation’s Supreme Court, is pushing for an update to the laws. His call comes as the Law Society Gazette, one […]… Read Article
Well, after an unfortunate encounter where I accidentally installed MyWebSearch onto my home computer (which, might I remind you all, is a bad idea), I’ve realised how much I actually appreciate the more popular search engines. It’s no surprise as to who the top spot will go to, but let’s humour ourselves and pretend that […]… Read Article
Where would we be without search engines? The internet would be an absolute nightmare and about as effective as searching for a single book in a library of a billion books – of course we have all our favourite domains to surf on, such as and, but how do we find them? Now, […]… Read Article
Content, content, content. That seems to be all I ever talk about – you could say I’m never contented, but don’t because it’s just silly. My first foray into SEO, a good 2 years ago now, was as a content writer at a different company, producing news, blogs and the occasional article on all varieties […]… Read Article
UK internet users have visited more social networking sites than search engines in one month than ever before. Data released by research firm Hitwise shows that visits to social networks accounted for 11.88 per cent of all UK internet visits in May, compared to search engine visits which made up 11.33 per cent. Facebook brought in […]… Read Article
The US State Department has now also spoken out against the Australian plan to force internet providers to filter black-listed web content. The country’s parliament is due to vote on whether access to sites that contain child pornography, sexual violence, and detailed instructions relating to crime and drugs should be prevented. However, there are concerns […]… Read Article
Yahoo and Facebook have announced a link-up that will allow people to log into any Yahoo website using their Facebook details. The partnership marks a significant milestone for the Facebook Connect service, which is already used by a number of sites including CNN and Yelp. “This increases Facebook’s prominence as a big part of the social […]… Read Article
User comments have always been one measure of a website’s search engine ranking, but it seems they may be about to become even more relevant, with Google’s introduction of Sidewiki. This lets visitors to every website read and comment on its content, with the comments being incorporated by Google in its algorithm to determine site […]… Read Article