• It recently emerged that technology giant Google was planning to provide YouTube and Gmail accounts to children aged under 13. The move, if it goes ahead, is unlikely to pass without a lively debate – particularly at a time when so many people are voicing their concerns about preventing children from accessing adult content online. Just last […]… Read Article
  • As technology improves, there appears to be a growing number of people using the internet to enhance their everyday lives. Our ability to move with the times and continually adapt to these changes seems to be taken as a given, but with that comes the danger of alienating a massive 80 per cent of the […]… Read Article
  • So a business wants your personal information – do you turn this request down, or do you name your price? While the request of personal data is proving a common trend nowadays, it appears that the UK is divided in their opinion of this; as demonstrated in recent research published in online communications portal, Brand […]… Read Article
  • Millions of us spend much of our time glued to our social media accounts – so it’s not hard to see why so many businesses are so keen to use social media outlets to disseminate their content. The problem, however, is that there’s so much content out there it can be incredibly difficult to make […]… Read Article
  • You know what the SEO world needs? Another Google announcement – what with Pigeon making headlines, it’s only fair that the search engine sneaks in its latest development: new dynamic sitelinks. Automatically generated links that appear below your ad text, these are designed to direct customers to a page on your site that’s highly relevant […]… Read Article
  • Google’s latest update – Google Pigeon, seems to have received a positive response so far. The algorithm, which is a follow up to the hummingbird update (in a previous blog we tried to guess what animal Google would use next…we were wrong, but you can still have a read here) has made a good impression […]… Read Article
  • Although social media have undoubtedly become something close to an obsession for many of us, it still seems that a lot of people are distinctly dissatisfied with their overall social media experience. The latest evidence for this comes in the form of a new survey of US consumers, which found that social media platforms performed consistently poorly […]… Read Article