An effective, affordable and targeted way of advertising and directing relevant traffic to your website while generating the most effective return on investment for your business.

An integrated approach with SEO and Affiliate Marketing, PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising is a way of showcasing your business online, predominantly on Google – given the search engine’s dominant UK market share. It’s a highly measurable form of marketing, as investment and returns can be tracked down to individual keyword level. Immediate in nature, this allows us to be reactive to your needs – be it setting up a campaign for a new product in a matter of minutes, or changing ad copy to reflect a last minute offer.

Our approach is hinged on ensuring that Quality Scores across any given account are maximised – Quality Score being Google’s “relevancy metric” which has a direct impact on an advertiser’s level of investment – thus ensuring that optimum levels of relevant traffic is driven to your website.

We focus all of our efforts on providing you and your business with the best service possible. Our account managers carry out substantial analysis to ensure that you achieve the highest ROI possible, and we utilise the latest online and in-house tools to re-evaluate and optimise campaigns every day to increase the returns – your success is our number one priority.

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